Ningbo Aoxiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Ningbo Aoxiang") is a leading enterprise specializing in the field of textile auxiliaries for over 20 years (including the predecessor - Ningbo Xinghua Chemical Co., Ltd.). In 2017, we set up an overseas production base in Fudong Industrial Park, Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam.

Covering a total area of more than 80,000 square meters, and headquartered in the chemical concentration area of Chengdong Industrial Park in Xiangshan, Ningbo, China, Ningbo Aoxiang is a national high-tech enterprise, and also a specialized and sophisticated "little giant" enterprise that produces new and unique products.

With constant adherence to the business philosophy of "Driven by quality innovation, based on customer satisfaction", Ningbo Aoxiang is committed to strategic investment in equipment and product research and development. The performance of the company’s various products has exceeded that of domestic and foreign brands in the same category. Both the headquarter in China and the production base in Vietnam have been partnering with Blusesign. Furthermore, most of the company's products have passed Blusesign and ZDHC certifications, which enables us to provide eco-friendly products and quality services for domestic and foreign enterprises.

-Our hope

Our biggest hope is to become the most reliable partner with clients. We always enjoy the cooperating with every customer and provide best service with the most professional attitude for the last 30 years. We also keep improving and forging ahead during customer service, we are trying to become the most competitive chemical company in China and even the world.

-Our mission

Chemical industry and environmental protection had always been opposed in the past. But for Ningbo Aoxiang, even 30 years ago we have insisted on developing the production of environmentally-friendly and cost-effective products, we do try hard to make this field getting more Sustainability with, it also makes every person who wearing clothing with our products comfortable and enjoyable.

-Corporate culture

Concentration, pragmatism, and positive attitude are the qualities that every Aoxiang person has. During this 30 years, we have never changed our intention, have kept growing in the field of textile auxiliaries and now we are able to provide best service for every client.

Invites cooperation

Product line

Aoxiang is a high-tech enterprise,one of the rare companies in China with bluesign certification, its factory obtains national environmental and safety assessment qualifications,under China’s current tightening chemical environmental policies, Ningbo Aoxiang has a advantaged production and technological level; the product line includes pre-treatment agent, dyeing auxiliaries, after-treatment agent, soap builder, printing and functional agent, all of products are at leading level.

Pretreatment agent including: scutching agent, low-temp and low-alkali pretreatment all in one agent, low-alkali pretreatment all in one agent, strong detergents, high-efficient low-foaming scouring agent XK, low-temp scouring agent, buffer scouring agent, High alkali resistance scouring agent, High alkali resistance scouring penetrant, fast penetrant, nonionic penetrant, oxygen bleaching stabilizer;

Dyeing auxiliaries including: powdery fixation alkali, reactive dyeing new fixation alkali SH-T, leveling agent for cotton MC, polyester high-temp leveling agent S-09,acid dyes levelling agent SWP, positive ion leveling agent MG, disperse soaping agent A-08, no-foaming soaping agent SW, soaping agent for polyester-cotton blend in the one-bath process SW-TC, reductive cleaner SW, Acid reduction cleaning agent, acid soaping agent, soaping agent for staining resistance, Formaldehyde-free fixing agent, acid fixing agent, chelating dispersant, Chelating powder, stripping agent, healing agent, polyester oligomer remover, cylinder cleaning agent;

Finishing process auxiliaries: multifunctional softener, hydrophilic softener, anion hydrophilic softener, softener, silicone oil smoothing softener, silicone oil fluffy softener, hydrophilic silicone oil, coral fleece smoothing softener, raising oil, smoothing agent, cheese smoothing agent, cool-feeling silicone oil finishing agent, resin finishing agent, Big Fur Adhesive, antistatic agent AS, nonionic antistatic agent SN, moisture-wicking finishing agent;

Printing and other functional auxiliaries: binder, thickener, polishing enzyme, deoxygenase, Desizing enzyme, sun fastness improver, wet rubbing fastness improver SDS, decolorant, anti-phenol yellowing agent, antibacterial finishing agent;

Invites cooperation

Honor received

Bluesign certification

High-tech Enterprise Certificate

ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

ISO14001 Quality Management System Certification

ISO45001 Occupational Health And Safety Management System Certificate

With certification

Company statement

The introductionin this document is the research result of our company’s laboratory, for reference only.

Please be sure to test the selected auxiliaries in practical application to determine whether the auxiliaries are consistent with the company introduction and the selected samples. Aoxiang is only responsible for the consistency of the quality of all sales auxiliaries with the selected samples, and does not make promises for users who use them beyond the scope of application of the additives.


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