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  • Pretreatment auxiliaries
  • Dyeing auxiliaries
  • After-finishing agent
  • Printing&functional auxiliaries

Cotton cleaning agent XS(AX-Q100)

Cotton cleaner XS integrates scouring, hydrogen peroxide stabilization and alkali, only need to add proper amount of hydrogen peroxide for scouring and drifting, with high whiteness and small pH change, especially suitable for cheese yarn.

Product ingredient

Alkali and surfactant compound

Water solubility

dissolve easily in water

All-in-one agent series
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Reactive Dyeing Agent SH-T(AX-SHT)

Reactive Dyeing Agent SH-T(AX-SHT) is a concentrated buffered liquid alkali. It can be used 1/8~1/10 to replace the soda ash in the traditional process; It is used as fixing alkali in the dyeing of cotton fiber, loose cotton and other reactive dyes.Because it is a liquid, it is very convenient to dissolve, especially suitable for dyeing conditions that require automatic liquid delivery and pumping. It is also suitable for dyeing with small liquor ratio, which can reduce the amount of dyeing materials and the discharge of dyeing wastewater. It is the most novel energy-saving and consumption-reducing innovative product in China.

Reactive dyeing agent series
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Raising oil AX-SB

Raising oil AX-SB is mainly used for the raising and soft treatment of polyester-cotton, acrylic and other fabrics, so that the fabric can obtain an ideal raised and soft hand feeling. It is an excellent flocking softener with excellent flocking effect, and also imparts antistatic effect to the fabric.

Product ingredient

Organic polymer



Water solubility

dissolve easily in water

Softening agent series
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Adhesive is a high-efficiency thickener for preparing pigment printing pastes, widely used in cotton fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics and blended fabrics pigment printing industry

Product ingredient

Acrylic polymer



Water solubility

soluble in water

Binder series
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Ningbo Aoxiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Ningbo Aoxiang") is a leading enterprise specializing in the field of textile auxiliaries for over 20 years (including the predecessor - Ningbo Xinghua Chemical Co., Ltd.). In 2017, we set up an overseas production base in Fudong Industrial Park, Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam.

Covering a total area of more than 80,000 square meters, and headquartered in the chemical concentration area of Chengdong Industrial Park in Xiangshan, Ningbo, China, Ningbo Aoxiang is a national high-tech enterprise, and also a specialized and sophisticated "little giant" enterprise that produces new and unique products.

With constant adherence to the business philosophy of "Driven by quality innovation, based on customer satisfaction", Ningbo Aoxiang is committed to strategic investment in equipment and product research and development. The performance of the company’s various products has exceeded that of domestic and foreign brands in the same category. Both the headquarter in China and the production base in Vietnam have been partnering with Blusesign. Furthermore, most of the company's products have passed Blusesign and ZDHC certifications, which enables us to provide eco-friendly products and quality services for domestic and foreign enterprises.

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Company statement

The introductionin this document is the research result of our company’s laboratory, for reference only.

Please be sure to test the selected auxiliaries in practical application to determine whether the auxiliaries are consistent with the company introduction and the selected samples. Aoxiang is only responsible for the consistency of the quality of all sales auxiliaries with the selected samples, and does not make promises for users who use them beyond the scope of application of the additives.




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